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Water Service Coordinator

Sydney Water

As an accredited Water Servicing Coordinator, Opal Water Management can address your requirements & your concerns when you are building or developing near Sydney Water ( pipes (known as Sydney Water Assets).  Quite often you will be instructed to obtain a Sydney Water building plan approval or Section 73 certificate.  There is quite often much more to the process & Opal Water Management is the company who can guide you through this system by providing & coordinating everything you need.

Opal Water Management possesses the expertise & resources to take the stress out of your next project by providing an end to end plan approval service, at an average of 27% cheaper than our competition, all whilst providing an up-front fixed price for all in-scope projects with no hidden surprises.  Sydney Water provides guidelines for building near or over a Sydney Water asset available here.

If you are developing a parcel of land, chances are, you will require a section 73 certificate from Sydney Water.  This process quite often involves applications, assessment, design, construction & project completion phases, all of which can be managed by Opal Water Management as an accredited Water Service Coordinator.  A development application (DA) or another letter of authority obtained via your local council will outline if S73 is a requirement for your development.  If you are unsure, you are welcome to submit your documentation to our team for a free review to ensure a Section 73 application is required.

For all the details about building & developing in Sydney Waters area of operation please submit an enquiry here to receive your free report.

Download our free report for all the facts - "28 Questions You Need Answered Before Building or Developing to Avoid Damaging Sydney Water Pipes"














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